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New phone solution for hearing loss in development

Posted On: 29/03/16

A future in which the sound quality of telephone calls can be personalised to suit individual hearing ability has moved a stage closer. The Goshawk Speech Platform is an innovative technology that modifies the sound of calls to match the specific hearing requirements of the individual telephone user. It aims to make speech clearer for people with mild to severe hearing loss. The technology works by modifying the signal before it reaches the phone so there is no adjustment needed to the...

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Sam and Josh's story Autism spectrum condition

Posted On: 21/03/16

“When you have children with autism spectrum condition you can’t assume anything about family life. You simply have to tear up the rule book and start again,” says mother-of-five Cathy, whose youngest sons Sam and Josh were diagnosed with the condition aged six.

Sam and Josh, now aged 10, are identical twins. In many ways, they are just like other boys of their age, enjoying cub scouts and computer games, and they are gifted in maths and science. But they have a strong need for routine,...

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New blood biomarkers identified for three types of muscular dystrophies

Posted On: 14/03/16

Researchers from Newcastle University together with Pfizer have identified four new proteins that are higher in the blood of people with Duchenne, Becker and limb girdle muscular dystrophy (LGMD) compared to levels in unaffected people. These potential biomarkers could help to monitor the progression of the conditions as well as measure the response to treatment.

According to the authors of the study, with new therapies progressing towards clinical trials, there is a real need for more...

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To the doctor who told us, ‘I’m sorry’

Posted On: 07/03/16

The day our twin girls were diagnosed with Down’s syndrome it felt like a life sentence. That day, I didn’t feel like a mother. I just felt lost and confused. I had bleak visions of the future. I thought we’d be carers until we dropped dead.

How different our world looks now. I’m looking forward to spending Mother’s Day this year with my beautiful children – I won’t be relaxing, but that’s life when you have three little ones! I’m happy to be able to celebrate the day as an...

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