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Charlie Swinbourne: How to persuade your local cinema to offer regular subtitled screenings

Posted On: 29/02/16

Deaf people love going to the cinema just as much as anyone else does, but as I wrote in this Guardian article back in 2011, we’re not well served by cinemas.

Often, the limited number of subtitled film screenings are badly advertised, arranged at inconvenient times (such as in the middle of a working day, or early morning at the weekends).

And when deaf people do find a screening and go along, the subtitles don’t always work.

That might not sound like a big deal, but when a deaf person’s...

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If you’re caring for a partner with MS, it's important that you also look after yourself.

Posted On: 22/02/16

If you’re caring for a partner with MS, you’ll have noticed how the spotlight tends to be on them.

Medical professionals, friends, and relatives may begin conversations with ‘how are they doing?’, while you may be quietly fuming or grieving. When others do acknowledge your needs, this may often simply be ‘remember to look after yourself – bye, now!’ 

How caring affects you

Sleep, intimacy, exercise, social life, and household demands will all be affected to varying degrees,...

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What it means to be a heart parent

Posted On: 15/02/16

Mum-of-two Louise has kindly allowed us to share her thoughts on what it’s like to be a heart parent with her little ‘heart warrior’ Jessica, who's now four.

It took just seven words to change my entire life.

Seven words which broke my heart, shattered my dreams and turned my world upside down.

Seven words from which I emerged a stronger and more compassionate person.

“There’s something wrong with the baby’s heart.”

In that moment, I felt fear colder and stronger than any I’d ever...

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Cataracts: could a new approach to surgery improve children’s vision?

Posted On: 08/02/16

Action Medical Research are funding more than 75 vital research projects across the UK to help save and change children's lives.

In Aberdeen, Professor Colin McCaig is investigating whether a revolutionary new approach to surgery might give children affected by cataracts better eyesight than is currently possible. Around 200 babies are born with cataracts each year in the UK. They can develop blurred or misty vision, or even go blind. 

You can find out more about this vital work here  

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