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The Woodland Trust

Posted On: 20/08/15

The dapper white admiral, white-banded across big black wings, is found exclusively in woods Unlike most of its sun-loving peers it has benefited from the decline in old-style coppicing, since it prefers a bit of shade.

The distribution of this species in the early 1900s had declined to the point that it was restricted to southern England. However, there seems to have been a reversal of fortunes, with the butterfly reaching its former distribution that extends as far north as Lincolnshire.

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Breast Cancer Care - Take a Big Pink personality quiz

Posted On: 20/08/15

Breast Cancer Care

Take our Big Pink personality quiz


Big Pink parties come in all shapes and sizes. But what kind of event should you hold? Take our personality quiz below and find out.

What is your Pink Personality?  Read more HERE

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