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Action for Street Kids

Posted On: 06/07/15

After Mega Earthquake

“an attempt to support children on & of the street of Kathmandu Valley”

The earthquake hit hard to capital city, Kathmandu. We on the
other sides of Kathmandu, whom survied without any lost and
scratch of wound gather to help people who need immediate relief.
For few days whole Kathmandu valley was on stand stil, people
were tented outside the open ground. Nothing is happening, just
anticipating what might happen next, how big earthquake will
come...what will be the...

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New Website Launched

Posted On: 02/07/15

Welcome to our new website and we hope that you enjoy the clearer fresher layout, our updated charity consortium pages and our news page. This page will keep you in touch with all of our wonderful charity clients and how they are using the much needed funds that our donors provide through payroll giving.

Here is an update from one of our charities:

Construction begins on Great Ormond Street Hospital’s new building

Construction of the Premier Inn Clinical Building, an ambitious world-class...

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