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Action for Street Kids

Posted On: 06/07/15

After Mega Earthquake

“an attempt to support children on & of the street of Kathmandu Valley”

The earthquake hit hard to capital city, Kathmandu. We on the
other sides of Kathmandu, whom survied without any lost and
scratch of wound gather to help people who need immediate relief.
For few days whole Kathmandu valley was on stand stil, people
were tented outside the open ground. Nothing is happening, just
anticipating what might happen next, how big earthquake will
come...what will be the distruction. People are sticking to news of
diasters. Slowly and steady, we, SathSath, as an organization dedicated
to children on and of the street of Kathmandu, felt tremendously
on the state of children living on and of the street. Staffs
were deployed to outreach on state and situations within a week.
Fortunately, we have not recoreded any missing street children.
SathSath stated need assessment of children living on and of the

Upon the analysing state and needs of children, followings immediate
relief were made and distributed:

Food, dry foods, buckets, mug, toiletaries, sleeping materials and
medical support & first aid.

Due to earthquake, people of Kathmandu came to streets and
open spaces, suddently street children were overwhelmed by the
occoupancy by the mainstream commnunity. They are suddently
even displaced from the street. During earthquake, even street
children were dispalced and lost their personal belongings and at
the same time their space were occupied by general people, they
are forced to leave their public places. Understanding their needs
through obervation and assessment, we found these children are
not able to face with the community, thus they were deprived from
receiving the relief distribution. We, SathSath, onbehalf of these
children made immedicate decision in providing relief.

An extract from the Action for Street Kids Kathmandu Earthquake Report.  

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